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Hack me please, well maybe not?

How can I be Hacked? In my opinion. As a society we talk about government and social media and our privacy. This is a conversation worth having, but the point has been missed when the people using the internet put their lives on the web, including much more personal information than they realize. First remember … Continue reading

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What tech scares me?

What is technology? I am sure the answer today would be very different from even ten years ago. The change has happened fast and has been global! Today I looked at the next version of the iPhone. It’s hard to believe this innovation started only five years ago. With the change toward a truly mobile … Continue reading

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How the Internet or Web is changing our world.

We live in a mobile world, I find it easier to get my news & write my blog on my phone. We have our social networks, too many for me to be actually social. Personally I think texting is the most social program. As I’m actually having a conversation rather than just making statements. The … Continue reading