Personal comment

Waiting in LAX is third world standard. 

I am in the Southwest terminal waiting for my wife to return. I wanted to see when her flight was going to arrive, but they don’t actually have a screen in the arrival area. So I walked up to departures to double check. It’s a bit late but I can wait. 

It then dawns on me what is actually here as amenities for anybody waiting. There is nothing except people cases & a couple of unisex bathrooms. 

What happened to the promise of air travel? Some idiot who hasn’t got over the crusades has screwed the rest of us. 

Of course airport design could have taken into account and screened people whether they were flying or not. Then they could have food available so I could spend those fantastic airport prices while I was waiting. 

But instead I resolve to blog my frustration, lucky she is only half an hour late. I might have written a short story. 

In the mid 1980’s I was stuck in Malaga airport for seven hours. I presume Malaga has improved since then. As LAX currently seems about the same today I wait patiently for the next 30 years to see how it ends up!