Windows 10 clean install 

While I am very pleased Windows 10, in as such it’s probably the best version of Windows in a long time. I did have issues after the free upgrade from 8.1.

The OS was having trouble booting up and in the end I couldn’t even boot it up from the original Windows 8 partition (which was nothing to do with windows 10). And rather than have $2000 worth of dead hardware I spent the money for a Windows 10 USB.

I think after this I shall always work from a clean install as it is so much better. I had heard it’s always better, but now I am convinced. It was also great as it gets rid of the bloat-ware that does seem to come with windows computers no matter how much you spend.

The OS is very complete and different apps (as they are now called), work well together. As far as I am concerned after using it for a bit the weakest part is the edge browser. Doesn’t mean I don’t like it and it has potential, it just makes me feel it’s not as secure as some other older browsers. And I have had some phishing problems with it, and although I sorted them out the browser felt as though there was no defense incorporated AKA (sand-boxing). I look forward to seeing what happens in the update.