Windows 10, oh the joy!


Just to be fair I am running a XPS gaming computer 2.20GHz processor with 16.0 GB Ram, GeForce GT 640M graphics processor. I updated to windows 10 last night, and I must say I love the update. I have a few computers including Apple machines and while Windows 10 does remain Windows looking it does have some of the same aspects I see on the mac. I am not saying anybody copied from anybody else, as we move from the old desk top computer environment to the more adaptable mobile centric software that adapts to whatever hardware is running it. It seems logical that the companies moving to apps, the method for updates and purchases would seem similar.

The update went smoothly once it started, and it was much faster than the update from 8 to 8.1. No issues thus far, and I have been checking software to see if there are any conflicts and again all looks good.

If you are still waiting to update here is a link  Microsoft Software Download site

I have office 2013 and have always found Outlook to be very clunky, the Mail app is smooth and I love the ease I can change the formatting. My windows and iCloud accounts work very well, I am pleased.

The other New thing would be the Edge Browser, personally I am the kind of guy that is always switching between browsers as my mood changes, that would be IE, Chrome, Firefox. But I must admit I really like the look and feel of the Edge browser. It is intuitive and I believe has Cortana included. I Shall get to know her over the next week!

I used to love outlook express as it was great for mail and newsgroups, and I hated Outlook as it wasn’t nearly as good for mail and the Calendar was always clunky. The Mail, Calendar, and browser actually work well, something that OS X always had the upper hand (until today).

I remember bitching a decade ago because windows didn’t have a decent native Calendar in the software, you either had to get outlook or use a online one. Again that ended today or yesterday if you like!

So good job Microsoft, you did well this time, Yay for the underdog! Go figure!!