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MCX Says Its Email Provider Was Hacked, It Won’t Fine Retailers Who Break Exclusivity

I am already against CurrentC, not because it may be a reasonable way to pay for these companies. But they go to the step of not allowing Apple pay or Google wallet as choices in their stores. I know it’s contractual but it needs to change, to exclude 50 million apple pay users is dumb.


In a virtual press conference today, MCX said “it’s simply not true, there are no fines” in response to the New York Times’ allegations that it would make retailers pay fees for breaking their exclusivity agreements and using other mobile payment methods like Apple Pay. However, if retailers push hard for NFC instead of MCX’s QR Code system, MCX says “We started with qr-code based technology that allows us to go to market broadly. If we need, we can pivot to NFC.”

MCX, maker of the unlaunched QR code-based mobile payment app and Apple Pay competitor CurrentC, also detailed a hack of its email system, saying its email provider was hacked.

An MCX representative said that the hack of its email provider exposed “some tester email addresses. The CurrentC app itself was not affected. We own this and are taking it seriously.” The rep went on to say that he…

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