Virus Software?

logos-tt94Earlier today I was reading a article about windows XP and the what virus software does the best since Microsoft no longer updates XP.

I have friends and family who still use XP as some people may not have the spare cash to just update when the companies feel its best. So when you are on your own what can you do to protect your computer when no more patches will come. So I decided to check out my virus software to see where I stand. I turns out according to this company my virus software was crap (I am using windows 8.1). I figured that wasn’t good enough, so today I went about finding a decent replacement. I have not paid for virus software for years, I have always felt that if I can get the job done for free why pay!

Looking at my free options I had AVG2014, Avast & Panda. I have used Avast in the past & found it quite good, as in no problems and it did catch a virus for me, it lets you know when it has updated and isn’t hard on the computer processes. AVG I have heard of but have never used, but I haven’t any bad things to say about it. I have friends who have used it and it does the job. Panda according the article does a great job and to be honest I had never even heard of it until today. So I decided to check it out, I turned off windows defender, (yes that’s what I was using). And installed Panda.

I know when you use free software you are going to be pestered to upgrade or you will get browser add-ons, and to some extent I can deal with that. Panda installed and did a scan, it’s very quick I give it that! I didn’t even mind seeing the benefits of all the reasons should go pro on the home screen. Where I draw the line is a pop up on my browser to go pro. That was the killer for me and I deleted the program immediately.

So in the end I went back to Avast, it does the job and at least it is not effecting my browsing. Although in fairness Avast does have a browser add-on it seems to be just helpful and not there to ask me to upgrade all the time.