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T-Mobile’s CEO Is Pissed That The Amazon Phone Will Be Exclusive To AT&T

I agree completely, this exclusive deal does stifle competition. I cannot figure out why such a exclusive deal was needed, what does Amazon get from AT&T?


T-Mobile’s John Legere, ever the Un-CEO, has thrown yet another tantrum in the wake of rumors suggesting the new Amazon phone may be an AT&T exclusive. Because he’s crazy. But he’s also right, as such exclusive deals hurt both the consumer and the industry.

The WSJ broke the news this morning that the Amazon phone, which is widely expected to be announced tomorrow, will only be available on AT&T. As the CEO of the other big GSM carrier in the States, Legere would know if his carrier were getting the phone. His lengthy rant seemingly confirms the WSJ’s report: If you want the Amazon phone, you’re going to have to use AT&T.

The iPhone launched on AT&T. The Lumia 900 launched on AT&T and the Facebook phone launched on AT&T. Only one of those exclusive deals worked out, but even the iPhone took some time to become a hit…

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