Apple IOS updates too slowly!

I have a iPhone and I do like it, but there is this constant competition between Apple and Android for the market. This is good and we (the users) do appreciate the competition.

Why does Apple update their phones so rarely? I know Siri and Apple maps suck, and I know they have been working on it since the bloody software was updated. Are they no better off than they were two years ago, have Apple not been able to fix some of the map issues and when will Siri learn voice recognition as well as the Google app on the iPhone. I fond myself like many others using Google as Siri just doesn’t cut it. I believe Apple has made progress but won’t update the software for us and let us have a better user experience. They have to hang onto all the updates and call it IOS8.

Come on Apple, update your gear a bit more often and make me feel you are actually competing for my business!