Android, Apple, Windows or else!

At work I use windows 7 which is a fine operating system (OS). Away from the office I am apple, I like the ease of use, networking and lack of constant updates.
I use a iPhone 5 which I love, and no, I don’t have it in a case!
I have a Kindle Fire HD my wife bought me because I didn’t want a iPad. You may ask why, and my answer would be it compete’s with my iPhone & that would bug me, personal choice.
What I’m getting at is like many people its hard to live in just apple or android, or windows.
In the past I have helped friends with computer issues, virus, networking, or just OS problems. And now we are moving from the old desktop to a mobile computing environment I get asked all the time which should I choose? Apple, Android or Windows.
It would seem that in which ever digital universe you pick there will be a vested interest in the apps you buy. But also what kind of tasks you will be doing with your new device.
Generally speaking most smart phones today will do most of the tasks we require of them. Customizing our phones to what degree does depend on which OS you decide to use.
And remember if you go with Android you may also have to deal with what ever customizing the phone maker installed. Rather than just looking for the fastest & smartest device. It’s good to take into account what you will be doing with the device. Don’t buy what you don’t need. And as far as security is concerned, no OS will help you if you venture to the wrong places on the Internet.


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