Security in the cloud, and the impact of Social Media on us!


In this new mobile social electronic instant update world we are getting used to seeing and reading about all the things our friends are doing almost at the same time it’s being done. This is great for the people who are always out doing stuff and have lots of things to share. Of course there will always be the competitive side of things and not everybody goes on safari or cave diving. Some may enjoy reading and listening to music, personally I prefer the more tranquil pursuits!

Recently the ever pressing how does social media make money with us as the commodity came back! This time it was Instagram  and the backlash was substantial. I myself cancelled my account and I won’t be opening a new one. There are many ways to do the same thing today, no one app or site has the monopoly and should remember that!

How are the social media sites supposed to make money while providing the free service? This is the quandary that may bring about the demise of many of the companies that dominate the social media scene today. Just providing social media doesn’t make money, however popular it becomes. Facebook has been struggling with this issue, compounded by the fact most of the users are using the mobile version, which is the future of all social media traffic.

I will pause here to make a prediction! In the not too distant future I believe we won’t need the sites like Facebook or Instagram, as our devices and technology adapt we will be able to share with our contacts directly from our devices; no middle man needed! Could probably almost do it today, but were waiting for the world to catch up and for systems to be compatible as always!

This whole social media and cloud computing brings me to my question regarding cloud computing in general. I am in favor in principle of the cloud as it does bring our digital content to our fingertips with what ever device we use to access the network, and it is an excellent back up of our data. The internet should be considered a public forum so don’t post anything you wouldn’t want to be public, even if you post it on a private site. Never rely on one service to back up your life as it is too hard to replace once the inconceivable occurs and your data gets hacked. Cloud computing forces us to upload personal data just so we can function in the new cloud world. Is this data being stored reliably?

While in many cases I feel this is reasonable I am concerned that with all the different services all using the data we use to identify ourselves in this new digital world. The idea that our online persona is being looked after securely leaves me feeling nervous! As with any new technology there is a time before the bugs have been fixed, and because the bug in this case are stored on a server in another state or country. How can we expect there not to be some sort of accident some time in the future. And as anyone knows who has their identity stolen, coming back from that is difficult, as society looks to your online persona to identify who you are!

I keep a back-up of all my important data on a external drive set up as a raid system, this makes sure I lose nothing and it’s not networked so it can’t be hacked. I would highly recommend this sort of personal back up even in the new cloud world. I am also concerned that considering how important our personal data is in this new mobile social networked society. That there isn’t more emphasis on educating the youth on what to upload and protecting their online persona from data theft. Just because you grew up with it and know how to use it doesn’t mean you understand the dangers if you don’t look after yourself.

I like the modern mobile society, it brings one kind of interaction that I love and that is with distant family. On the flip side I think it has driven people who in the past may have gone out to become more distant and lonely. Texting should enhance conversation not replace it! And there is a lack of etiquette in the USA regarding mobile devices that should be addressed with education soon I hope. Japan would be a good place to look as they have always been a few years ahead of us in this regard.

Have a great day and stay safe!


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