The public option

Health Care for All! L1190421
Health Care for All! L1190421 (Photo credit: erlin1)

Obamacare was the best option in a country that is afraid of universal health care, it’s mostly ignorance of what universal healthcare is, it’s not exactly inventing the wheel as the United States is possibly the only western country not to have it!

While there are very few countries with universal healthcare that don’t argue about the best way to fund it and what politician doesn’t want bragging rights about doing it better than the opposition, few people who have ever lived with universal healthcare would describe it as socialism or communism, that is purely an American condition.

But it’s not just the funding for healthcare and how much influence the government has, in the United States medical professionals make about three times as much money as their contemporaries world wide. And if the government were to ask any of these people to take a patient covered by some government scheme that doesn’t pay as much, they will just refuse to take those patients, this happens all the time; but it leaves people without options.

In countries that have universal healthcare the medical personal are government employees and that does come with benefits. I have family that worked for the VA in Los Angeles and the benefits are excellent. In Ireland where I am from originally we have government and insurance hospitals which do give people options. You would think most people would go for the insurance hospitals as the pay is better. But actually people like the government position as it has more security for the future.

So my question in a country where doctors make good money, what is the incentive for them to try and work for less? Is the only option to have doctors on the governments pay roll, like in the VA, who will just be happy to make a decent wage? Is the focus in medical school to just get finished, specialize and make big bucks, or can the United states really focus on medical care not just profit?

When bringing down costs for procedures, it must be considered that costs for medical professionals may also need to be adjusted


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  1. I think every American needs to read this. I don’t believe that Americans truly understand what universal healthcare is and what it could mean for our country. It amazes me how many people seem to be content with the way things are in the US in terms of healthcare. I, for one, am far from content and feel embarrassed to be an American right now.

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