Apple iCloud kills Mobile Me, the cure is Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion

So our home computer is a year old iMac running Snow Leopard, and I was reluctant to upgrade to Lion as we had the Magic Mouse and no track pad. I felt that the OS was using much more touch controls and we wouldn’t get the benefit of the upgrade.

So not too long ago the magic mouse, which isn’t that magic after all started to misbehave! I used the opportunity to purchase a track pad as both can be used at the same time. I love the track pad, and my wife who seemed to prefer the mouse has been converted! So it was time this week to upgrade finally. I couldn’t upgrade any of the MacBooks as they are too old, Mountain Lion uses 64bit graphics drivers; but it was a bummer!

So after the upgrade that took about 40 minutes all together, the New OS is a winner. iCloud integration that has disappeared or should I say was non existent on the macs after mobile me went bye bye!  I can sync my mail and iCal, but I think I wasn’t the only one who had trouble syncing software after mobile me went to iCloud.

Spaces is gone and although I was skeptical the tree fingered swipe that replaced it is cool. If you have a computer + track pad and are in doubt about upgrading I say go for it!!

Last thing I will say here is updates are now through the Mac Store App, it feels like it should have been that way all along. And Launch Pad is so easy to open app’s that I actually cleaned up my dock to give me a reason to use it.

Have a great day!


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