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Apple IOS is getting very cluttered!

I love my iPhone, I have said this before. The fact it’s the most used computer I have is one reason.
Almost all my computer needs are accomplished on it!
What I don’t understand is what Apple is doing with its own Apps!
My thought on this is, Apple brings out Ping. My visits to Ping are very few, then they bring out iTunes U, video, now we have a App for Podcasts!
While they are fine Apps, why is apple giving me so many Apps?
Why can’t Apple integrate all these into one App. With one App I may visit the dreaded Ping. Also they could please a large percentage of users who don’t want to be stuck with the dreaded Newsstand.
It also seems so clunky to have two different ways to access my podcasts.
I just hope Apple fixes this for IOS 6!
Thank you, end of Rant!


2 thoughts on “Apple IOS is getting very cluttered!

  1. I totally agree; be gone iphone clutter. It was the ease and streamline ways of the iphone that made me love it, so I hope they work out the kinks soon.

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