Disappointed Democrat.

In the last week I have seen money buy votes, money has become the changer in politics in the USA. Yes it has always been involved, but when the Court decided a corporation was a person in Citizens United, (don’t you love the name of the ruling that negated the citizen’s vote). Now foreign entities could be spending money to influence politicians here. And with no disclosure it’s made the American political system a bloody joke.

I was hoping that Scott Walker would be removed but that didn’t happen. Some say it’s because people in the state didn’t think that was the correct way to remove him. Others thought cutting the unions power was a good thing. Unions have become less relevant in recent years in states that have enacted good worker legislation. But I don’t think that is the case here, Scott Walker wanted to remove the unions power as the unions finance democratic politicians, while corporations finance Conservative politicians. This will make Wisconsin a red state for the conceivable future; which has nothing to do with the states budget. Do I think the people of Wisconsin were duped; yes I do!

But after the heat blows over and the election buzz cools down, it’s time to look again at what the politicians are doing. Not what they say they are doing, because these things are not often the same!!



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