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AT&T data throttling.

A co-worker received a mail regarding data usage. He had gone over 2GB on a unlimited plan. He was told his connection would be slowed down if he didn’t purchase a plan with specific data.
On AT&T other people have had their data speeds reduced because they went over a specific boundary.
I believe AT&T will learn very quickly this is not the way to go. When you sell a unlimited data plan it should be unlimited. Verizon will slow data speeds on towers during high traffic periods. And you know people will get that; we can understand!
If I spend too long on the phone, I don’t want the operator to come on and tell me it’s time to hang up. Phone calls and data travel along the same cables. If traffic gets heavy you may have trouble. But you shouldn’t expect to get an angry mail from the company.
We live in a mobile world, I write my blogs on my phone. In this world it’s just not cool to treat customers badly who use your service too much. And AT&T need to learn this if they want to keep their customers.
End of rant!