Traffic Camera’s

I’m not against the traffic camera. It can serve a useful purpose, just like CCTV can reduce crime & confusion.
But the problem I have with them is when their only there as a revenue source; with very little regard for public safety.
My reason for this is a light I see every day I drive to work. It’s on the corner of fountain & fairfax in west Hollywood LA. There is a countdown to what anybody approaching the light would think its time to change, but you would be wrong. You have to wait another eight seconds before the light changes. Why is this I ask myself, I can only thing it’s to catch people and make some money. But this policy actually puts people’s lives at risk.
Fact is people will try to get through as a light is turning red. This is human nature & it will happen; some more than others! By changing the timing so there is a pause after the red and before the other light turns green, you would reduce accidents. This seems logical, and as I am not the only genius that can figure this out. What could possibly be the reason such a simple solution was never implemented.
Alas I feel money is the answer. There are many ways a city can increase revenue. Putting a life at risk shouldn’t be one of them.
Stay safe out there!


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