Go-Daddy & Comcast

This morning I was billed from a account for an amount to Go-Daddy. I used them to host a site a couple of years ago for a business venture that went nowhere. I set the site up and registered a couple of domains, all normal so far. Well the domains were due to expire late last year, and I received confirmation of the expiration; again all is good so far! Now comes this bill for expired domains taken directly from one of my accounts. I am notified when any transactions take place and I called the parties involved and the matter has been sorted.

So I am sitting here thinking how could this occur, the Go Daddy company wasn’t given permission to take any money from me, and I never subscribed to the auto renew. I must admit to finding this yet another reason to be so careful who I sign up with and what access they are given.

I had a quite bad experience with Comcast seven years ago. I had moved apartments and I had cancelled my cable in one apartment and it took about three months before I decided to purchase it again for the new place. Upon checking my bank account I discovered Comcast had charged me for cable and internet for the three months I had non. I was alarmed so I called them, the most disturbing thing was how rude one guy was, he called me a liar and said I hadn’t cancelled my account. The fact I had returned the cable box and remote & had a receipt was of no consequence to him (a real ass-hole)!

Needless to say I pestered them and after a few calls my money, which was around the $300 area was returned by check in two installments; yes they couldn’t make one check! I am not with them any more and I won’t be if I have a choice. I don’t sign for auto pay because of that mess, and I never will. The situation today was resolved quickly and without incident.

Most bank accounts today will have a notification section where you can decide how to be notified and which transaction you desire notification. I highly recommend this service, and if you don’t have it set up you should do so. It can really save you time and money!

Have a great day!


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