2012 & a new tv

So I bought a new television recently. To be honest the upgrade was more upgrading the tv in the spare bedroom than the main one. But upgrades every few years can be very therapeutic!
So I ended up getting a 46 inch Samsung HD LCD TV. All I can say is WOW! What a difference a few years makes in tv land. My Sony Bravia is a fine tv, but the difference in the picture is outstanding.
This started me thinking about how much has changed in such a few years. I’m typing this on my iPhone. Which is also my main news source, communication device, and entertainment. I own a computer, a lovely MacBook, but I’m not on it much. I only use it when a have a major computing task to perform. How much has changed. I only buy DVDs to collect now. If I want to see a movie I rent or use a streaming service.
Of course I love tech, not a fanboy going out to be the first in line. But I like to think I keep up to date! What I find is it’s hard to let go of the past tech completely. There is still a VCR in a cupboard next to the video movies I loved in the 90’s.
When I was young the phone had a special table in the hallway. Now that everybody carries their own phone I don’t see a home phone that much. It’s been said that as tech becomes commonplace it disappears into the furniture. Can’t see this TV vanishing any time soon!
Have a great day!



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