As we move from 2011 to 2012, I see during this time of good will and celebration. Religious intolerance and bigotry. I see religious fanatics trying to impose their will from some obscure moral high ground.
I see atheists being offended by the mere visual of anything looking religious.
I was raised as a catholic but I’m not religious now. I have too much curiosity and see the world through scientific eyes.
But I respect people of all faiths and customs. It is our differences that make us interesting. I have my beliefs and I will argue for them if required. But I do not impose or expect you to forgo your beliefs.
You are entitled to your opinion on religion and science, but not to your own facts. The truth should not be misrepresented to make a point.
You are entitled to your faith, but I ask you to respect the fact I don’t have that faith.
I ask for tolerance of our differences. We can enjoy religious celebrations without fear that we must convert.
Atheism is not a religion, but an absence of one. Science is not a religion but a process of discovery.
Can we see our differences not as a threat. But as a opportunity to refrain from judgement.


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