Chemical Warfare, the risk of no access to healthcare.

I’m a believer in universal healthcare, for all it’s faults; and no system is perfect. The choice between a waiting list and death is a no brainier.
I recently watched a British series called MI5 regarding a man infected with a airborne virus on the streets of London. They were able to look at CCTV and see people who had come into contact the the carrier and isolate them. True this program is fiction, but there is an element of fact. CCTV produced identification of the July Bombers. It also identified many of the rioters in the recent rioting around England.
I live in Los Angeles, if there was a person walking the streets here with an airborne virus what could the powers do to save us?
Well there isn’t CCTV so identifying who comes into contact with the virus would be problematic. Because its a for profit healthcare system and so many don’t have insurance. A contagious person may not seek professional medical care as its too costly. Exposing more people to the virus before isolation.
So what would or could the authorities do in the event of an outbreak on the streets.
In the beginning I don’t think we would be told anything. Depending how many and where the contaminated showed up, the hospitals would coordinate with the authorities. But without specific data on whom may have been exposed it would be like a apocalypse movie from the 80’s! We would be told to stay home and contact the authorities if we felt sick.
There was a big scare in recent years with SARS, and more recently the H1N1 or Swine flu.
It’s really only a matter of time until something visits from abroad and finds us all unprepared. When it does come how will we treat the sick? Will the ones without insurance get ready access to care, or will we see the military pitching tents in the stadium to isolate the sick. Don’t know about you but that scares the shit out of me. Will the politicians who can’t pass a budget be able to make the right choices. I remember Katrina and I wonder did we really learn???


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