Occupy Movement, what next?

Last night the last large occupy movement was moved from City Hall Los Angeles, While I am in agreement that the 99% have been completely left out of the economic growth. That corporate America has become a demon in the last thirty years. The paycheck has been able to buy less & less since the 60’s. And it seems that the corporations with their lobbyists have managed to reduce regulations to the point we all live in a corporate society. Purchase politicians so the people really have very little say in what changes. What can be done to move us back to a more prosperous even handed society?

What I found lacking in the occupy movement, was there was no central movement. Just a bunch of like minded individuals screaming for a change. I can agree with most of the message they were making; but in the end without a political movement. They are still trying to change the status quo from a meagre position. Headlines won’t make political change, and when the tents come down without a political group representing the occupy demands; who will listen in the main parties.

I am sure the Republicans will have nothing to do the the Occupy group, and although I would hope the Democrats would; they can be a bit spineless! I would like the occupy group to form an occupy party. To truly take the message of change and become a political force. Maybe it will become the third political party, a thing we really need in the States!


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