The Leveson Inquiry

The Leveson inquiry is going on in England after the News of The World scandal, phone tapping incident. A number of prominent media personalities, and quite famous people are telling how their lives have been effected by invasive journalists and paparazzi doing quite nasty things to get a story or picture.

I have never been fond of the paparazzi, the way some tabloid journalists distort the truth and invade people’s privacy in the name of freedom of the press. I have seen in my job a number of times the lengths some would go to get information. And to be honest if you took the specter of legitimacy provided with the press badge it would be called stalking and harassment.

But the end may be near for these persons who feel nobody’s business is their own. The press in having freedom to report was also supposed to act mature and police itself. A bit like the banks under the GOP, and we all know what happened with that idea! I can see new regulations coming into effect in England which will I hope make it harder for the paparazzi to invade people’s lives. Maybe put and end to the practice all together. Tabloid journalists can still interview and report gossip, just won’t be able to actually harass the celebrities any more.

If this does happen in the UK will it come over to the States, I think the celeb’s here would try to make it happen. This brings to question what will be left for the press here? You see although the press have been behaving badly, I still want them to be able to write without government intimidation. That’s what all the freedom of the press thing was supposed to be about anyway! It was not put in place to talk about Brittany Spears, or Lindsey Lohan!

Personally my answer is to give each celebrity copyright over their own media, If someone prints a picture in a derogatory way or prints a lie they can take them to court. It’s a pain but it would give the real press the freedom to function while I hope protect the celebs from the parasites!



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