Impending Singularity

So for those who know nothing about the impending singularity. It’s basically a time, quite soon; when a computer will be built that will be smarter than a human.
Today computers can remember & process data at the speed of light. The human brain is much slower than this. But it makes up for the difference by having many neurons process the data at the same time. There are about 100 billion neurons so we can process large amounts of data.
But alas where do we go from here? Evolution is a wonderful thing, we have changed our planet and gone beyond. Mostly this was done just for the sake of knowledge and without thinking of the consequence’s.
Realistically we really won’t make the right choices for the planet until we have no choice.

Ok back to the singularity, when we have a computer/artificial intelligence (AI) that is smarter than us. It will be able to make even smarter AI and once the intelligence genie is out; what does it mean for us?
It can go either way, we can have the Matrix/Terminator, or star trek!
The machine will be endowed with ethics, morality, and will enhance human civilization. Or we will be enslaved humans in a have or have not society.

This got me thinking about today’s never ending conflict between science & religion. To what extent will humans have in the programming of second or third generation AI?
Will there be religious AI, would machine intelligence prefer a current religion, or will it have a whole new one? Maybe Alan Turing would be a prophet!

In that Creationism is a desperate attempt to explain scientific discovery to the religious ignorant. What will religion do with machine intelligence. Will they stop fighting each other and gang up on the machine intelligence? Will suicide bombers find data centers a legitimate target?
We are consumed, or should be, with energy production, global warming, food & water for the billions who will live on this earth. Were acting slowly because the people with the power to change it are looking after themselves and the interests of their nations.

What would machine intelligence, smarter than us do when confronted with the stupidity of self destruction using ignorance as a tool?
Would we listen, I know some religious quarters will just say the machine is evil and wrong. Artificial intelligence isn’t in the bible, or any religious book.

So when the Singularity does come, and it’s going to be very soon. The ethics and power of this new intelligence could fundamentally change the direction we shall go as a species.
Ray Kurzweil said the next evolution will be the joining of human and machine. Replacing the old with the new. Upgrade to human 2.1, I am excited at the prospects. And scared if we go too far too quickly. How will creationists clinging to the bible deal with human 2.1.
We shall find out very soon!


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