Apple & the cloud!

As I have mentioned before, I like cloud computing. But I am still wary of putting all the eggs in a basket in the clouds.
This is the way we are going now and there are obvious advantages. First and foremost the devices that access the cloud don’t need enormous amounts of storage capabilities. Even though I am happy with the reduction in price of solid state drives.
Apps can be developed by different companies to utilize their online storage making it possible for different devices to use the same data.
Of course in Apple’s case it is only IOS devices. After listening to Steve Jobs keynote regarding iOS 5 & OSX Lion and of course iCloud. I am very pleased with the way they have used the cloud capabilities!
Rather than just online storage, it’s a pure and simple back up for your iOS device. Enabling it to break the syncing to the computer strangle hold I never liked.
Of course some say Apple has too much of a say in the applications allowed onto iPhone & iPad. My take on that is the motorola zoom is returned mostly because the app market for Android apps is too open. Leading to spam & shoddy applications which crash the system and drain battery life. Apple keeping strict control has also kept the os fairly bug free!
Amazon now has a controlled Android app store to eliminate the spam!
Recently I have noticed many applications that run on iPhone can be replaced with a web version through Safari. Twitter & Facebook work quite decently through safari, only need to bookmark and you wouldn’t know the difference. This also puts Apple out of the application process and eliminates the cut they take. I think I shall see many more web based applications on the future.
I have always and continue to be amazed how many people never back up their data! I learned this the hard way in the late 90’s and have always backed up since.
The next evolution of the web and our reliance of it depends on it functioning autonomously, but if this is the case we will have to trust the cloud maintaining our online self. This is where the privacy bit comes in! If a person uses my card and I have reported a fraudulent charge. These days the bank covers it and freezes the account until I get a new card.
How much of my life online can be frozen if my data is compromised?


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