In the Clouds.

There has been recently a large push to keep our data in the Cloud, to have greater access to all our data and not just what we can carry on our devices. This for the most part is a good thing and is the way to go in the future. It changes the way we look and interact with mobile devices. I have been using cloud computing for a number of years, and I like having a back up of important data.

Having said that I not only back up in the cloud, I have a physical back up at home. I keep this because I although I have a fair amount of confidence in the online systems we have today. My guilt if there was a problem and I didnt’ have a back up would give me great consternation. NASA has back ups in triplicate and so should I.

Recently with the Playstation network outage due to hackers gaining access to data. It became to all who have a PS3 how much we were complacent in regards to the network. How much we assume that Sony would have the up to date safe-guards when it came to personal data. I was not a premium member (although I have considered it), so I only have a username & password to be hacked.
Also I have begun to question the paid services like mobile me. I have had problems with syncing data between computers. The phone works fine and if I log into the web version it’s also ok. I believe this is the direction companies have been moving toward. But the paid services need to be on the ball to warrant payment. There are too many free options to get exactly the same cloud experience.
I like cloud computing and the chance of better options on a mobile device. As with any transition there will be stumbles. It’s not a hardware issue like it was in the 90’s, today it’s software. Lessons have been learned, I hope the application will be painless.



  1. You keep me moving into the future and keep my hope alive that technology can actually be a pretty great thing. Thank you.

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