The Year Of The Pad Computer

Recently at CES we learned of the coming deluge of the tablet/Pad computer. About fifty pad computers will be on the market by the end of this year. They for the most part will fall into two column’s. Either competing with the iPad or cheap. There are a few true iPad contenders. The Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy. Both have really functional  operating systems and have decent battery life. The Galaxy is a bit smaller then the Xoom and iPad, similar in size to the Kindle (Amazon) & Nook (Barnes & Noble) readers.

But for me the fundamental change we shall see this year, is the movement from a static desktop computing society; to a truly mobile computing society. The rumblings of change started with the iPhone and with Skype, Facebook, and Netflix. With the iPhones success and the discovery that a mobile OS was the best way to go for tablet computing. Microsoft has been playing with this for the last ten years but failed by trying to develop desktop software for a mobile environment. Also software has relied on the Gamers for true development, hardware moved along slowly, but recently the SSD became cheap enough to produce for a mobile device. And again the iPhone gave the mobile networks the kick needed to move into the next stage of mobile computing. You can love or hate Apple, but without such impetus we would still be on clunky cell phones with a corny diluted internet.

The best thing about the new Pad computers is the reliability due to the better developed software, and SSD means no moving parts. With apps developed for these mobile devices the user experience is more structured; leaving much less room for viruses.

So do I have a Pad yet?

No I am waiting for the next round to finish, I love Apple products; because you have a true user experience and great innovation. But they usually wait until the third version to implement all the wonderful things into a product.

This is the year of the Pad, but the year isn’t over yet!!



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