Cable TV- Will I Or Won’t I?

For me it was only until Netflix started it’s streaming service that I started to finally ween myself off Cable TV. Getting it on the iPhone was the ticket as it really brought a large video library to my fingertips.
I am not part of the iPad set because it’s still really a luxury & not a necessity! But I still find I am paying lots of money to be able to access the same content with different devices.

Google TV although very innovative lacks content, because negotiation isn’t Googles best trait. Netflix has content, and is getting better every day. But will it have to pay more to use other companies transmission lines due to it’s success. I have often thought that for the channels I watch Cable it way overpriced, that is something I don’t see changing any time soon.

So what is in the future? It’s all about software, and which system you will use to access content. To use the same old computer software to access TV content is clunky and unrefined! It was in developing iPhone software that gave Apple the advantage in IOS for the iPad. Until then the thinking was to develop a variant of the desktop software for mobile devices.
The same thing needs to happen to bring different content to the tv screen. Until then we shall have different devices & it will be messy.
I am surprised the cable companies haven’t been a bit more innovative in their software. If they did with there current customer base. Google, Apple would have a hard time selling any TV boxes.


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