Wireless Phone Reception, Yes or No!

I have an iPhone 4 with AT&T, and for the most part my signal is ok! There are parts of LA that have lousy signal strength, I suffer from the drop call thing; but as I mostly text it’s not an issue! There are parts of LA, usually in the canyons that have no signal at all. The reasons I have been told it they (AT&T) wanted to put a tower up but it was refused by the resident’s who didn’t want the view spoiled. I can understand this but don’t understand why no alternative was sought.

I can call my sister in Ireland on her mobile, and I know the signal will move from wireless to wired and back to wireless for this to happen. I can call her on skype to her home phone, or mobile phone, again there will be a transfer of signal from wireless to wired!

If I am not completely crazy, AT&T does have a wired network for home phone communications. Why is it so hard to provide transmission through the wired network to the more remote area’s. Then have the equipment locally to provide a wireless signal for the mobile phones.

To provide the coverage you can use a repeater, this can provide signal strength without having to build a tower. I am sure that the same utility poles that bring the wired phone signal can be the base for providing the wireless signal. Cheaper than building a tower, and much more inconspicuous.

So if this can be done, AT&T are you listening?


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