Why I am a Democrat or Why I am not a Republican & Separation of Church & State

I came to the States from Ireland in 1993, I have since become and American citizen and I work and pay taxes.

I believe in freedom to do certain things, like business; opportunity to make money and spend it as I wish. In any business venture there should be guidelines I work with so the risk is my own. Stupid business people do not deserve breaks!

I grew up with universal healthcare, so I personally don’t see what the big deal is, I don’t mind paying taxes so my poor neighbor can get medical treatment if she needs. I don’t consider that a waste of tax money, same with police, military, fire department, and road maintenance. I don’t consider it patriotic to support the military, then when the troops get home, fuck them cause you don’t want to spend the money! Let’s send trillions of dollars to Iraq, let’s give tax breaks to oil companies, but if Mrs Jones down the street can’t afford medication & food, fuck her; not worth my tax dollars!

I haven’t heard any Republican say the bush tax cuts were wrong because they weren’t paid for. I don’t watch fox as it so NOT, fair and balanced. Of course anyone who trusts just one news source is asking for trouble!

I don’t like the fact that my phone was tapped without even judicial oversight, no it’s not cool and it was bush and Cheney and I won’t forget that! I don’t like $4.00 a gallon of gas when it’s 35 cents in Saudi! Yes bush give the man a kiss please, it’s ok!

There is supposed to be a separation of church and state in this country, of course listening to the right wing in this country that is a joke. You try to keep it out of schools, but use it to inflict a view over everyone, regardless of their religion.

Personally I don’t care if there are religious symbols in the courthouse, I don’t feel like becoming a Muslim just because I see a Mosque. I can drive past the Scientology building and there is no urge to join! Therefore I have no reason to be offended because it doesn’t effect me. What does effect me is people saying what I should do or should not be allowed to do because they don’t think it’s right! They feel it is their right to legislate morality to me. MORALITY SHOULD NEVER BE LEGISLATED BY THE GOVERNMENT, SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!

We learn our morals if we are lucky from our Parents, and family, if we are not so lucky we learn through education. At no point should a government body tell a person what’s right and what’s wrong. There are LAWS to deal with people who behave in such a way that they become a problem to society. The obvious one here is Homosexuality, it is legal to be a homosexual in the United States, yet they do not have the same rights because of religion. If we do not consider the religious aspect of marriage, but just the legality of it, there is a big difference in rights to a couple when they Married, in a Civil Union or Domestic Partnership. Yet the state doesn’t change the Law to give couple in Civil Unions the same rights as Married couple’s. If a church (being a big club), doesn’t want to marry gay people in the club, I can understand it; given the homophobia of the Christian church, (won’t get into the Priests molesting children here). But that doesn’t mean because the church isn’t cool with Gay people getting married in a church, that there shouldn’t be a legal way for a Civil Marriage, excepted by the federal government, with the same rights as a church marriage. No second class citizenship and true Separation Of Church and State!


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