Racist America

Today I read that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer thinks most illegal immigrants entering Arizona are bringing in illegal drugs. Blanket statements like this are counter productive, racist; and just plain stupid.

Is there a problem with too many illegals coming into the USA, yes there is!

Are most of them good decent people looking for a chance at a better future; yes they are!

Remember the founding principles of this country all you patriots (think Statue of Liberty). I don’t think any one would like those principles discarded. It would be taking a chunk out of the American dream, which these days is foreclosure thanks to GOP tax cuts and no regulation. GOP slogan: No Taxes, Small Government, No Home, No Money!

It seems when ever times get tough the resident population always blames the latest batch of immigrants. It’s always been that way, but do you know who is to blame.

Your local and Federal Government, for not getting the act together and making a system where people can get in to work if it is seasonal; and return the next year. All are treated the same as the person in for vacation, and it doesn’t need to be that way. And because they are undocumented the violators can come back in and do it again. This is a waste of money, but that is what government does.

For not enforcing the law to limit immigration to the extent that the local social services can keep up. We have been for years using illegals as cheap labor, now that was fine as along as everyone got what they needed. I personally don’t like the idea of cheap labor with no rights for the individual. I feel that all labor in the country should be documented to avoid abuse.

My Answer is don’t bug the local immigrant population, use technology to create a society where lack of documents means no work. We can create a license or ID that can hold biometric information and legal status, and all it needs is to be swiped to access the information. The information would be specific enough to avoid misuse if lost (no SSN on it). It can be state issued but to a national standard. I would put on it, Name, Address, legal status (in case to temporary guest worker). law enforcement access to any traffic or other violations, different agencies should have different access to specific information.

Any illegals in the country for five years should be compelled to seek legal status, I read recently of a young girl who was being deported to a country she really didn’t know. Please people let’s put common sense in the equation and not be vigilantes (think Statue Of Liberty AGAIN)!

Is this a scary 1984 type scenario where all my information would be accessible. Guess what, that already exists so it’s too late. So at least make it work for me as well as for the Government. I am not as afraid of government as I grew up in Europe, we are more wary of Corporations there who screw you over for profit. Here people seem to be scared as hell of any government body, but we are constantly getting shafted by corporations ($4 gas)!

Gov. Jan Brewer may think it’s ok to run around with the pitchfork and torch yelling it’s their fault. I just feel there is a better way to fix this where we all come out better, and another generation won’t have to feel guilty for what they did; or didn’t do!


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  1. Absolutely. The mistreatment of humans seems to be an afterthought in this country, while first and foremost on american minds is money money money. I agree with the id card idea, as long as it extends to all people working or trying to work in the US. Thanks for this.

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