What do I want, an iPhone or an iPad; or both?

I am getting an iPhone, I am under contract with AT&T and when able which will be soon I will go from a 3G to the 4G. I was probably going to get it anyway, but after seeing it I must say how amazed and far we have gone in just three years. Before this I was using a motorola flip phone, a fine thing in a basic phone kind of way.

Aside from asia which had been ahead of the good old US for years in phone innovation. I expected nothing from the phone companies to dazzle me. But then in 2007 all this changes with the iPhone, since then other companies have tried and come quiet a way in replicating the coolness of the iphone. But just when we think Apple is going to lose it’s lead in the market to a Google OS phone. They come up with what would have been described only a few years ago as a great palm sized touch screen computer! It does nearly everything with the help of developers and the APP Store.

So the question comes to my head, why would I need an iPad?

I was upset with apple for making this wonder a very large ipod touch; which is what it is! It has it’s own processor and memory. Why can’t I install Flash on it should I wish, so maybe flash is old school and it might crash sites more. But I have it on my macbook and I don’t see too many crashes! And why do I have to activate it in iTunes before I can use my new $500 computer? I like that you (Apple) want to make sure I have the best experience I can with your product, but can’t I have any say in how I choose to use that product after I purchase it?

I have played with one and I agree it’s a great tablet, and I do see one in the next year or two being part of my household machines. But please Apple don’t become BIG BROTHER, and dictate to me how I should use the great products you produce. When I buy a iMac or Macbook it’s a computer and I have choice; please remember I like choice as well as innovation!


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