BP Oil Spill

It is devastating the amount of damage that has been done by the inept oil company BP. Who like the others I am sure have been for years cutting costs to get the stuff out of the ground, while stating that equipment is there to combat any failures in the system.

Well we have found out the hard way that even though these things may look great on paper, without proper oversight these things can happen. Does anyone remember the banking/housing crisis?

I am amazed why people are blaming Obama for the continuation of the leak. BP is supposed to be an oil company with the knowhow and experience to deal with this. Maybe it’s the case that the federal government, not in the drilling business doesn’t know how to fix this; and they need the oil company to do what it has claimed to be able to do. Which is why they were given permission to drill in the first place.

Where the federal government failed was oversight, the feds should be looking out for our (the people’s) interests. In this case equipment and safety procedures failed, and now we are told that equipment to contain such a leak has a lousy success rate. If it can’t be done safely it shouldn’t be done at all.

We in America have a skepticism of government while we are constantly getting shafted by corporations, with no oversight because congress gets kickbacks! Fishermen and all the related businesses are suffering and may be for a number of years. I hope there can even be a seafood business after all this oil has been pumped into the ocean. Yes I know it will be fixed, but the question is how long will it take?


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