Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Last night the house voted 234-194 to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

This is yet another sign we have moved on since that last administration, it’s amazing how things can change when different people can pull the strings. I have been a supporter of Obama since he began his run for the White House. I just liked the fact he is a gentleman, a thinker, smart, and wants to try and get it right!

He always said he wanted to repeal this stupid homophobic law, but as anybody who understands the way politics works in America. These things take votes in both houses, and that takes time to get done. It can be infuriating looking in from the outside and wondering why it takes so long; but whether you like it or not, that is the system in place!

It has been just over a year since Obama took office, of course the last administrations mismanagement of funds led to the financial meltdown that effected most of the western world. Thank you free market with no restrictions or oversight! Thank you Bush tax cuts with no money to pay for them; what were you thinking?

Back to topic; the president has been in office for just under a year and a half, we have financial reform in the works, fighting back a recession, medical reform; which I can already see in the digital records being used. Now Don’t ask don’t tell being repealed because sexual orientation isn’t a factor when you are fighting for your country. Good Job Mr President!

And for all those who criticized him because he wasn’t going fast enough! Just say thank you!


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