Tech For The Sake Of Tech

I am typing this on my Macbook, I have my iPhone to play games and maybe even make a phone call. I love tech and the way if used properly it can make our lives more connected to the things we value.

Of course there are times when tech for the sake of tech is dumb, for example!

I used to fly little airplanes, there is a system called ATIS, Airport Terminal Information Service. This is used to transmit non emergency airport info, active runways, any construction, wind and altimeter settings. It used to be a audio loop with a letter designating the most recent info, Alpha, Bravo etc. You would contact the tower letting them know your position and that you had information delta, they would know if you had the right one and you would be good to land! A few years back this was replaced by a digital recording,  a bad digital recording; hard to understand. To this day I have no idea why they would do that, it wasn’t as if the person had to stand around and repeat it. Technology is a new toy and we all want to play with it, but the question should be asked. “Is this making it better or worse?”



  1. Agreed. Technology is great, but things like a USB handwarmer or USB pet rock ( that serve absolutely no purpose but to hog up a USB port are useless.

    Unfortunately, as a culture, we are turning more and more reliant on gadgets, because of iPods, iPhones.

    Break out of the box and stop wearing to earbuds on trains or on the street. You’ll feel much better, trust me. I did!

  2. Technology should never be a distraction from reality, but people are not able to distinguish when it’s bad for them, texting while driving or even the talking. Multitasking well takes training and practice.
    The first three rules of flying:
    1.Fly the plane
    2.Fly the plane
    3.Fly the plane
    Don’t get caught up the the gadgets.

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