Google Verses Apple

Today Apple Inc became the post valuable tech company in the world, beating out Microsoft at the end of the days trading.

Being a Mac & Windows guy, not a fanboy of either, I try to keep an open mind and try to go with the best product regardless of company or operating system. Windows computers tend to be on the cheaper side, and there are reasons for that. I would most of the time pick a mac for my personal computing needs. Of course Apple has been seen as the underdog against the big bully Microsoft. How will things change now that Apple is not only part of the establishment but in some ways behaving like Big Brother!

I have an iPhone and I am looking forward very much to the new iPhone announcement at the WWDC on june 7th. I am not interested in the iPad, which is just a big iPod touch. If it was a real computer I would be allowed to put flash on it if I chose to. As I do not have that choice it is not a real computer.

But increasingly I am drawn to Google as it seems to be the driving force behind more open source computing, the Droid is a fine phone. Easy transfer of files, and the phone software is intuitive and user friendly. While I understand Apple trying to control the software on the phone to maintain the best user experience, I am concerned when any company tells me what I can or cannot do with something I own!

Microsoft has always tried to please everybody at the same time, where Apple had the fan club to keep it going. Will my next computer be an Apple machine, YES! I just hope apple doesn’t continue down the rocky road to being the next BIG BROTHER!


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