Facebook Troubles

I have a facebook account, I have had it for about three years. I am from Europe and some of my folks never got into the e-mail thing. The nieces and nephews prefer the social network thing. This is all well and good if I am willing to have another account on Bebo, (which is a younger group network)!

So too my delight quite a few had facebook accounts, and it is great to hear about their antics way out there; I feel allot more up to date. Now we have the current concerns regarding facebook and privacy. I am a big believer in the web but that doesn’t mean I want my whole life up there. There are things that are still private and they should remain so!

Having said that I believe anything that is posted is fair game in the web scheme of things. If you don’t want some one to know a fact about you. The last thing you should do is post it on the internet. While I am conscious of this I wonder if the younger ones in the family realize that!

Facebook’s policy seems to be make it all public, and if I want I can set it to private after, this is nuts. It should be private and I should be allowed to make public what I wish; in that order please!

I know Facebook has had allot of stick for it’s policies, and the many changes that are made way too frequently.

My problem is not with facebook any more, it’s if I left facebook how would I keep in touch with the non e-mail family?

Does facebook have me by the short & curly’s?


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