BP Oil Spill

It is devastating the amount of damage that has been done by the inept oil company BP. Who like the others I am sure have been for years cutting costs to get the stuff out of the ground, while stating that equipment is there to combat any failures in the system. Well we have found … Continue reading

Personal comment / science


This is big news, Ebola being one of a strain of viral hemorrhagic fevers that have been with us since the late 70’s. There has been mild success in treatment over the years, but 100% success rate is a milestone. Not just in the treatment of Ebola, but the method of transmitting the drug may … Continue reading


Google Verses Apple

Today Apple Inc became the post valuable tech company in the world, beating out Microsoft at the end of the days trading. Being a Mac & Windows guy, not a fanboy of either, I try to keep an open mind and try to go with the best product regardless of company or operating system. Windows … Continue reading


Fighting Blindness

My partner in crime is a great girl, she has a medical condition called “Retinitis Pigmentosa.” This is a degenerative retinal condition, and at the moment there is no cure. But there is great research and tests of electronic retinal replacements. This research will in the future cure not only this condition but will allow … Continue reading