Iphone 4

So I gave in and when Susan, (future wife), tells me she will treat me to the new phone; I am unable to refuse.

I must admit until I had the device in my hand and looked at the reception I wondered am I going to have to return this because it of the famous “Antenna-Gate.”

No problem with this phone at all, yes I have had two dropped calls, but I have had dropped calls before and this iPhone seems no different. Where it is different is in it’s speed and storage capacity.

Faster than my iPhone 3G would be understatement, it rips in comparison. Pages and applications load like a real computer and not like a phone at all. I find I am actually on my macbook computer allot less now I have the iPhone 4, never saw that coming. The Retina display is wonderful, I do watch lots of video and I am constantly amazed at the clarity of the display; Apple did a good job with this one! Only thing is that because I do watch lots of video I do have to have a charge during the day. As the Phone is that good I think it is a small price to pay, it has taken over many tasks from my macbook. Which is no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination.

I know that we shall have an iPod update very soon,(1st September I think). And there is talk of an update to the iPad line. I won’t hold my breath for that one! I think I can do without the iPad for a bit as I have the iPhone 4. Well at least until next year and I have money burning a hole in my pocket!

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